Kids Marketing-a new era

In recent years there seems to be a huge shift in Perception of Kids as consumers: the notion of the “nag factor” or “Pester power” was an undisputed concept – the old notion was “market and advertise to the child and the child will nag or pester mom to buy”  – just recently there is evidence that kids and parents/moms seem to form a bond. The 2004 Roper Youth Report “The Consensual Kid” suggests that Kids are more likely than ever before to seek their parents consent or advice in many items.

This shift in perception of Kids marketing is crucial and changes most perceptions about the subject, as many theories were built using the “pestering child”. With this, there is also a distinct shift  from kids having to be persuaded to buy a certain product to kids as “empowered consumers”.  I would even go a step further to say that all activities must meet parental approval as kids and parents often decide together together nowadays.

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